Best free photo software

FreeFree software for the digital darkroom

Some of the best things in life are free, including these nifty programs and utilities to help you in the digital darkroom. Programs include those to edit and enhance digital images,  to view and organize them, and even to help recover digital files you may have deleted. All programs were free and available at the time of posting.*

Free photo editing, organizing and viewing software

  • ArcSoft RAW Thumbnail Viewer – plug-in for Windows that allows previewing of RAW photos when browsing through files.
  • ePassportPhotos – create passport photos online
  • Fastone Photo resizer – Batch convert, rename and resize images, including converting images to PDF files.
  • FastStone image viewer – image browser, viewer, converter and editor.
  • FilterSIM – photo filter simulator.
  • FotoSketcher – automatically converts digital photos into art; or improve them with simple tools.
  • FuturePaint (Mac) – full-featured image editing.
  • Gimp – (Windows, Mac, Linux) – open source photo retouching software that has many robust features and supports layers. The learning curve may be higher for some than other editing programs listed here.
  • Irfanview – image viewer and converter; reads exif data.
  • Microsoft ICE – advanced panoramic image stitcher
  • Neat Image – digital image noise reduction.
  • Paint.NET – image editing program that supports layers. [What are layers?]
  • PanoramPlus Starter Edition – automatically stitch photos together to create panoramas
  • PhotoFiltre – image editing and filter program (go to the downloads page).
  • PhotoPlus – image editing software offering layers.
  • Photoscape – photo editing software to fix and enhance photos.
  • Picturennaut HDR – combine multiple photos of a scene for High Dynamic Range. [What’s HDR?]
  • Seashore – open source image editor for Mac OS X; supports multiple layers.
  • TwistedBrush Open Studio – create original digital paintings and all forms of digital art. Photo editing too. Layers and Transparency; Masks; Tracing Paper.
  • VicMan’s Photo Editor – image editing.
  • virtualPhotographer – apply photographic styles to images.

Free photo-related software and utilities

  • Bulk Rename Utility – easily rename files and entire folders based on extremely flexible criteria.
  • Exposure Plot – analyzes usage of focal length, ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
  • iTag – utility that embeds title, description and keywords in photos and videos.
  • Photo Dater –  add date and other information to photo.
  • PIXresizer – image resizer.
  • SD Formatter – considered the best utility to format SD/SDHC/SDXC cards.
  • uMark Lite –  image watermarking software.

Free photo & data recovery software

  • Exif Untrasher for Mac – rescues JPEG photos that were deleted from memory cards or memory sticks
  • Pandora Recovery – find and recover a variety of deleted files
  • PC Inspector File Recovery – data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems
  • Recuva – friendly user-interface
  • RecoveRx (Windows and Mac) – user-friendly interface that allows you to search deep within a storage device for traces of erased files that can be rescued; the files include digital photos, documents, music and videos.
  • Zar – the free version recovers photos only
  • Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery – recover pictures from media cards

Free EXIF readers/viewers

  • Opanda IExif – browse available Exif / GPS / IPTC data in digital images posted online.
  • PhotoMe – analyze and modify Exif and IPTC-NAA data ;  analyze ICC profiles.

Free video software

  • DVD Flick – simple but powerful DVD authoring tool.
  • MP4Cam2AVI – quickly converts .mp4/.MOV files to .AVI files (lossless).
  • Mpeg Streamclip – a powerful video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows.
  • VirtualDub – video capture and processing utility.
  • VLC – open source cross-platform multimedia player

Free monitor calibration software

*Important notice: Read disclaimers about operating system requirements and compatibility that are posted at a developer’s site.  If your OS system isn’t supported, a program won’t run correctly. You are solely responsible for software you download and install.

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50 Responses

  1. Gail Bjork says:

    Hi Teresa, First, sorry for the delay in responding. We haven’t been able to get into the site for almost two weeks, until the host discovered that some software needed updating.

    You may want to try the Picasa photo editing and organizing program. The program is free and has some very sophisticated editing tools that are easy to use. You can view your photos in a slideshow and it can even create a movie, with transitions and effects, of selected still images.

    The downside is that it does not let you create layers. If you need to use layers, try one of the free image editors listed on this page that has layering capabilities.

  2. I am doing photography as a side project. It’s a hobby of mine and I am looking for a good editing program I can use to help my photos looks more professional and preferablly for free since I am 18 and I don’t have a very good quality camera. I have a vivitar vivicam X014N

  3. This specific blog post Best free photo editing software and utilities, has got extremely fantastic information and I discovered exactly what I was basically hoping for.
    Many Thanks.

  4. Ivan Musko says:

    Great article. One nice tool to send tons of pictures to someone is called Binfer.

  5. Christine says:

    would Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery be compatible for my camera & XD card?

  6. Gail Bjork says:

    By the way, check that you have the latest version of ZoomBrowser EX. Currently, it’s 6.9.01. Depending on your version, it has several improved features including the ability to update the software from the Help menu, rather than going to the Canon site.

  7. Gail Bjork says:

    Elizabeth, yes, you can extract frames from zoombrowser. In the Tasks Bar, click on Export. Select a video and then click on “Extract frames from a movie.” You are presented with several options, including “Extract all frames.” It’s quite efficient and fun to use, though if you extract all frames expect a lot of images.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a novice fashion photographer using a Canon T2i to shoot video. I have ZoomBrowser EX for editing and cannot figure out how to remove frames effectively and easily using that software. I would like to look at the video frame by frame and remove the frames I don’t want (like the really blurry ones). Can I do this with ZB Ex or do I have to use a different software and is there a version of said software free or cheap?

  9. Dedy Elfika says:

    For me, photoshop and Lightroon is still the best because they are very flexible and have many plugin available. But trying other ones is good because it can give more option.

  10. Gail Bjork says:

    Julliët, thank you very much for the information. I checked the PhotoFiltre site the other day and didn’t find a download for this version. I just checked now, and you are absolutely correct. Downloading it now. 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Julliët says:

    That’s not true Gail, I really mean PhotoFiltre 7, it’s free.

    PhotoFiltre 7 is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. It is simple and intuitive to use, and has an easy learning curve. The toolbar, giving you access to the standard filters with just a few clicks, gives PhotoFiltre 7 a robust look.
    PhotoFiltre 7 also has layer manager (with Alpha channel), advanced brushes, batch module and lot of other powerful tools.

  12. Gail Bjork says:

    Julliët, thanks so much for the info. The version you mention is PhotoFiltre Studio, which is not free except for a 30 day trial. The free version is here. You may find this introduction to layers article helpful.

  13. Julliët says:

    PhotoFiltre, mentioned above, does have layer options too.
    New version 7 just came out. I’m not much experienced with these kind of programs yet, but it did what I wanted to do: create icons from jpg/png files with transparent background… Also the option of installing your own language file and lots of plugins makes this program not bad at all.

    Portable version available!

    This link directs to the free PhotoFiltre v7 site.

  14. Gail Bjork says:

    I recently moved a friends photos from a Mac to a PC. I tired to copy them to an external hard drive but the Mac would not recognize it. So I ended up burning the images to a DVD. A good and easy program to use to organize and edit your photos on the PC is Picasa. It’s free software by Google.

  15. Larry272 says:

    Has anyone any experience in moving an iPhoto library on a Mac over to a PC? I would like to preserve the titles, keywords, and descriptions. Can anyone suggest a software package or a work-around?

  16. Gail Bjork says:

    Brian, Some recommend simply dragging the images from your computer directly to the card that you place in a computers memory slot.

    Personally, because you’re using the files from a different manufacturer, I’d try a different route.

    You should be able to use ZoomBrowser to transfer jpegs from the Samsung to the computer.

    ZoomBrowser EX is the software that comes with the s90 and s95. It can also be used to transfer images onto a SD card. When you open ZoomBrowser there is a Tasks panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on Acquire and Camera Settings, select the images you wish to transfer, and then click Transfer Images to Memory card.

    Try with one or two images first to see if it works. If not, try changing the filenames to the naming convention used by Canon: IMG_0123.JPG. If that works, you’ll need to batch rename images. A program such as the free, FastStone Photo Resizer can quickly rename photos. As with any form of editing, work on copies of your originals.

    Enjoy your s90. The s90 and s95 produce wonderful image quality. I own the s90 and have written about it here.

  17. Brian says:

    Hi. I have a SAMSUNG P1000. I have just been given an S90 by my son who is upgrading to the S95. I have app 600 photos on the SD card (taken with the SAMSUNG) which I want to transfer to the SD card of my S90 and be able to view them on the S90. How can I do this? Do I need special software?


  18. Pandora Ohrringe says:

    Really great post, Thank you for sharing This knowledge.E If only all bloggers offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!

  19. amwslfan says:

    There is also Photo recovery software I would like to share at the apple site: Mac Photo Recovery instantly without acquiring any technical knowledge.

  20. GRM says:

    Photoplus (in your list of editors) is very good. I’ve been using it for quite some time now. It has layers and is free from Serif website. The price on the website is £71 for the x4 version, but once you have downloaded the free version and installed, everytime you exit the program it offers you the chance to upgrade to the full version of x4 for £39.99. Use the program for a few weeks and Serif seem to send an email with the offer to upgrade for £29.99.  Some good savings to be had on what is an excellent photo editing software programme.

  21. Gail Bjork says:

    You’ll need a program that supports layers, and has some of the tools mentioned in this article about changing the background of a photo. It takes practice and patience, so make sure you work on a copy of an original and not the original itself. Try one of the free programs that supports layers. There is a lot of online help and support for a program like Photoshop Elements, which cost under $100.

  22. LAS says:


  23. Candice says:

    Oh, thank you so much for all the links 😀

  24. Gail Bjork says:

    Brittany, Photoshop has dodge and burn tools, as well as a number of colored filters that you can apply via an adjustment layer or via the image menu > adjustments > photo filter. The free program GIMP, also has burn and dodge tools. FilterSIM listed above is a free photo filter simulator.